98W LED Street Light

Product Description

LED路灯(98W) LED Street Lamp (98W) Suggested light replacement: 280W Sodium Lamp
型号Part Number:ST98B 灯体尺寸 Light Size : 308×560×80(mm)
参数值 Parameter :
输入电压 Input Voltage AC170-250V / DC 24V
光源功率 Power Power 98×1W
系统功耗 System Consumption 106W
功率因素 Power Factor >0.92
光斑角度 Light Beam 120 or 140 degree
相关色温 Color Temperature 2500K-8000K
适应温度 Working Temperature -35℃~50℃
光通量 Luminous Flux 7840 lm ±5%
防护等级 Protecting Grade IP66
使用寿命 Working Life >50000 hours 小时
平均照度 Average illumination 高Height 6M >39Lux
高Height 9M >21Lux
高Height 12M >14Lux
有效照射范围 Effective illuminated Area 高Height 6M 10×24㎡
高Height 9M 12×30㎡
高Height 12M 16×35㎡
Light Distribution Curve/Beam Pattern Asymmetric (Bat Wing)/ Rectangular Beam
主要材料 Chief Material 铝合金 Aluminum Alloy
净重Net Weight 11 kg
包装尺寸 Packaging Size 615×310×90(mm)
安装管直径 Installing Hole Size φ61(mm)

High Pressure Sodium Light Compare with LED Street Light
Items High Pressure Sodium Light LED Street Light
Photometric Performance Bad Excellent
Radiator Performance Bad Excellent
Electric Performance Electric Shock Easy( High Voltage) Safe (Low Voltage)
Working Life Short (5,000h) Quite Long (>50,000h)
Working Voltage Range Narrow (±7%) Wide(±20%)
Power Consumption Quite High Quite Low
Startup Speed Quite Slow( Over 10minutes) Rapid (2s)
Strobe Yes( Alternating Current Drive) No( Direct Current Drive)
Optical Efficiency Low High
Color Index/ Distinguish Feature Bad, Ra< 50(The Color Of Object Is Faith, Boring, Hypnosis) Good, Ra>75(The Color Of Object Is Fresh, Veritable And Comfortable
Color Temperature Quite Low ( Yellow Or Amber , Uncomfortable Ideal Color Temperature ( Comfortable)
Bad Glare Strong Glare (Dazzle) No Harmful Glare
Light Pollution Strong No
Heating Serious (>300℃) Cold Light (<60℃)
Lampshade Turn Dark Easy ( Absorb Dust) No ( Static Proof)
Lamp Aging Turn Yellow In A Short Time No
Shockproof Performance Bad(Fragile ) Good (No Filament Nor Glass)
Environment Pollution Contains Mercury Element Etc. No
Maintenance Cost High Quite Low
Product Cubage Big Small (Slim Appearance)
Cost-Effective Low High
Product Weight Heavy Light
Integrated Performance Bad Excellent
The comparison of Five-year total cost between LED Street Light and Traditional Street Lamp
  LED Street Light Traditional Street Lamp
Lamp Power 98W 280 W
Total Power 106W 200W+80W(With Converter)
12 hours 106W*12 hours 280W*12 hours
Consumption = 1,272 kw/h =3.36 kw/h
5 Year 1,272kw/h*365 days *5 year 3.36 kw/h*365 days *5 year
Consumption =2321.4 kw/h =6132 kw/h
10km 666 pcs Lamps 5 Year Consumption 2321.4kw/h*666pcs= 6132 kw/h *666pcs=
1546052.4 kw/h 4083912 kw/h
Electric Bill 1546052.4kw/h*0.2USD=309210 USD 4083912kw/h* 0.2USD=816782 USD
Lamp Cost 338 USD 85 USD
666pcs Lamp Cost 225108USD 56610 USD
5 Year Use Lamp 666 pcs 3330 pcs
5 Years Total Cost 225108(lamp) + 309210 283050(lamp)+ 816782
=531318 USD =1099832 USD
5 Years Save Cost 568514  
Luminous Efficacy 80lm/W 40lm/W
Illumination Meet national standards Meet national standards
Control Intelligence control No

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